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We help you set focus and gain impact. By adding to the conversation, not to the noise.

LOOPING ONE is a MarCom consultancy and organic-first agency.

We offer strategic consulting on marketing and communications operating models and analytics. Our integrated brand strategy helps you find your ONE distinct voice, and our always-on content production to turn your voice into a million stories across formats and channels.

One community to amaze Gen Z


The Electronic Beats community case

Deutsche Telekom had already laid a strong foundation with Telekom Electronic Beats, a content program dedicated to Europe's vibrant electronic music scene. We took it a step further. By collaborating with Gen Z creators at the community's core, revitalising the programme's visual language, and introducing new formats and channels, we didn't just elevate Telekom Electronic Beats' performance metrics. We transformed it into a powerful platform for social commentary and change.

  1. Design
  2. Content Program
  3. Campaigning
  4. Community
  5. Influencer

Together, we'll establish your unique tone and amplify it across various channels, formats, and audiences. See it rise above the noise. Consistency is key: once you commit, stick to it.

  1. One newsroom for rapid scaling


    The Nio MarCom operating model case

    Chinese EV manufacturer NIO aims to penetrate multiple European markets by 2024. To do so, it recognized the need to establish PR and corporate communications in its European HQ, ensuring a balance between the interests of the company's China HQ and the unique demands of European markets. We crafted an operating model tailored to their corporate communications. We achieved several strategic objectives: ensuring consistent messaging, enabling rapid scaling, promoting agile crisis communications, ensuring GDPR compliance, and fostering trust with European audiences.

    1. Design
    2. PR
    3. Comms Strategy
    4. Newsroom
    5. Process Design
  2. One community to empower female entrepreneurs


    The She's Mercedes case

    In collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, we sought to bolster its She's Mercedes initiative, a campaign dedicated to celebrating and inspiring women across the globe. We focused on deeply embedding three core themes within the content: inspiration, diversity, and female empowerment. We invited award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, and actor Alicia Keys as our guest editor. Alicia then commissioned Kennedi Carter, the youngest cover photographer ever for British Vogue, to craft a unique photographic essay during a road trip through Joshua Tree National Park.

    1. Community Building
    2. Influencer
    3. Editorial
    4. Social
    5. Corporate Publishing
  3. One production to get BTS


    The AMG uncovered case

    In 2020, AMG had launched the content series Uncovered in order to broaden the spectrum of their moving image portfolio. We initiated a new storytelling approach, stimulating the interests of a young target group by pairing the cars with creative personalities and focusing on how AMG inspires them.

    1. Brand Serial
    2. Influencer
    3. Social-First
    4. Film Production
  1. Setup

    Our strategy consultants advise you on the optimal organizational and analytics setup for marketing communications alignment.

  2. Strategy

    Our editorial strategists assist you in discovering your unique voice and converting it into engaging formats across all channels.

  3. Story

    Our creative teams translate your voice into assets – and turn your voice into integrated stories with impact.

At the heart of our approach is Simplexity: We are concise yet comprehensive, straightforward but in-depth.

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  1. One sparkling agency for a sparkling brand


    The Mercedes case

    With Mercedes-Benz Global Powerroom®, we created a unified agency model that brought everyone on the same page. Using data-driven storytelling, we communicated in a way that truly resonated with customers. We ensured consistent messaging across all platforms and tracked the results in real-time. Collaborating with influential creators deepened the emotional connection with our brand communities. Among our proudest achievements is producing Mercedes-Benz's most successful brand film ever, "My Father's Dream".

    1. Data & Analytics
    2. 360° Storytelling
    3. Newsroom
    4. Brand Strategy
  2. One newsroom for new ways of working


    The city of Cologne & Münster case

    In both Münster and Cologne, city administrations grappled with the same communication questions: How can digitalisation streamline processes? And where does the newly established newsroom fit within the intricate communication landscape? We assisted both cities in organising and directing their communications to cater to specific target groups. We set clear goals, roles, and processes alongside key stakeholders from all departments.

    1. Data & Analytics
    2. Change Management
    3. Comms Strategy
    4. Newsroom
  3. One narrative for product purposes


    The ASUS ZenBook case

    ASUS is one of the largest laptop manufacturers in the world. In 2021, it sought a global campaign to relaunch its Zenbook line. We identified British artist and photographer Reuben Wu as the ideal figure to captivate the target audience. We co-created a film showcasing him braving the elements, aligning with the sun, moon, and stars, to craft and capture an Aeroglyph atop a volcanic peak in Gran Canaria.

    1. Narrative
    2. Influencer
    3. Campaigning
    4. Film Production
    5. Storytelling

One voice, a million stories. Your story starts here.